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Loss Prevention

The NMAC Loss Prevention program consists of five general services to assist member counties in protecting their human, capital and financial resources.

Loss Prevention offers many years of professional and technical experience in county government, law, law enforcement, detention, roads/public works, and fire and EMS. Loss Prevention will provide member counties professional consultation for regulatory compliance, risk avoidance, risk control development, best practices, mitigation strategies, and professional development.

Inspection / Audit
Compulsory to the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Act, NMAC as the Pool insurer is required to conduct annual safety inspections for member counties. The NMAC views inspections as fact-finding opportunities; emphasis is placed on locating and eliminating potential hazards that can adversely affect county operations and safety.

Inspections are intended to identify and correct hazards that adversely affect member counties human, capital and financial resources, and to:

  • Create the safest possible workplace
  • Educate employees and managers to safety hazards in the workplace and enhance safety awareness; and
  • Improve operations.

Legal Advice  
Audits are a methodical examination and/or verification of an organization’s critical tasks, practices, or operations to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, case law or best practices.

Loss Prevention provides legal advice services to assist counties in avoiding actions that expose them to liability. Counties can consult with an attorney regarding a range of high-risk issues such as employment actions, detention policies, law enforcement procedures and other civil rights matters. Having an attorney on staff also enables the NMAC to conduct timely legal analysis of proposed legislation that effects county government and operations.

Detention Center Assessments / Technical Assistance
Loss Prevention conducts assessments of detention centers both from a systemic or specific facility operational aspect. The assessments include: on-site inspections; review of detention practices; review and analysis of facility policies, procedures and post orders and total review of detention center operations for level of functionality. Counties can consult with a detention expert regarding total detention operations and obtain technical assistance in order to help counties in reducing high-risk detention issues.

Loss Prevention has developed an integrated training program designed to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities employees need to possess in order to perform specific jobs, reduce liability and obtain professional development in order to advance county government.

Loss Prevention offers an extensive array of courses for all county departments, including detention, employment, human resources, law enforcement, legal issues, loss prevention, management, risk control, safety, and supervision.

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