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In 2013, the New Mexico Counties Board of Directors adopted an official positions book for the organization. These positions provide a record of the NMC Board’s stance on a variety of county issues and reflect the diverse interests of the NMC membership. The positions have been summarized into a policy statement and is reviewed annually for changes and updates by the Board of Directors during their August meeting.

NMC 2019 Legislative Priorities

NMAC 2018 Legislative Issues for Support

NMAC 2018 Legislative Priorities 

NMAC 2018 Legislative Priorities Book

NMAC Standing Policy Statement Revised 8.2017

NMAC 2017 Legislative Priorities

NMAC 2017 Legislative Position Statements

NMAC 2017 Legislative Priorities & Legislative Position Statements Book

NMAC 2016 Legislative Priorities

NMAC 2016 Legislative Priorities Book

NMAC Standing Policy Statement

NMAC Record of Past Positions Book

NMAC 2015 Legislative Priorities

NMAC 2015 Legislative Priority Book

NMAC 2014 Legislative Priorities

NMAC 2014 Legislative Priority Book

NMAC 2013 Legislative Priority Book 

NMAC 2012 Legislative Priority Book


Year-Round                             Policy Committee Meetings

 Spring                                     Affiliate Meetings

  • Affiliates consider possible legislative issues for annual conference.

 April-May                                Policy Committee and Pool Board Meetings

  • Discuss potential legislative issues that have countywide impact and statewide significance after the legislative district meetings; inform affected affiliates.

May                                           Advisory Council Meeting

  • Affiliates present legislative issues and final affiliate meeting agendas with possible joint meetings to the advisory council for discussion. NMAC staff summarizes affiliate legislative issues for the Legislative Committee.

June                                          Annual Conference

  • Affiliates submit legislative issues during conference.
  • Non-elected official affiliates submit legislative issues through the Managers Affiliate for endorsement.

July                                           Legislative Committee Meeting

  • The Legislative Committee reviews and categorizes (legislative and non-legislative issues) policy committee, pool board, and affiliate legislative issues to determine if they have countywide impact and statewide significance.
  • The Legislative Committee makes recommendations for the Board’s August meeting.
  • Non-legislative issues shall be referred to respective policy committees for further consideration.

August                                       Board Meeting

  • The Legislative Committee, policy committee chairs, pool board chairs, affiliate chairs and/or their designated representative present legislative issues to the Board for endorsement.
  • The endorsed legislative issues to be considered as a NMAC legislative priority are then voted on by the Board, which selects a limited number as NMAC legislative priorities.
  • Those endorsed legislative issues that are not voted as priorities may be advanced by the policy committee, pool board, and affiliates for legislative action with support from NMAC, as time and resources permit.

September – December       Legislative Interim Committee Meetings/Selection of Sponsor/Drafting

  • Board members present NMAC legislative priorities to Board of County Commission for endorsement and report to the NMAC Board at the October meeting on the commission discussion.
  • NMAC presents bills to interim committees, identifies sponsors for proposed priorities, and Legislative Council Service drafts bills.
  • Legislative interim committees may vote to endorse some bills at their last meeting.
  • NMAC to write FIR responses for priorities.

Fall                                                Affiliate Meetings

  • Affiliates continue to work on legislative issues.

 November                                  Joint Meeting with NMML

  • NMAC and NMML Executive Boards meet to discuss and endorse legislative priorities.

January                                       Introduction of Bill and Committee Assignments

January – February                 (30-day session) Tracking/Communication/Hearings/Floor Votes or

January – March                      (60-day session) Tracking/Communication/Hearings/Floor Votes

 February – April                       Action by the Governor/NMAC Legislative District Meetings

  • Three weeks following adjournment, for Governor’s action.
  • NMAC Legislative District meetings last two weeks of March (30-day session) or last two weeks of April (60-day session).
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