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“Counties provide the necessary services our citizens depend on.  NMAC affiliates, board members, lobbyists and staff will work hard this 30-day session to guard against unfunded mandates and promote good legislation.  I am encouraged that our key legislative leaders are ‘all in’ to work collaboratively with us.”

~Sharon Stover, NMAC President


“…symbol of resiliency of how counties make communities safe and secure.”

~Sallie Clark, NACo President

“What do you love most about home and where you come from?”

 “The relationship now is the federal government, the state, the tribes. Our challenge is how do we reconfigure and develop a structure with the federal government, the state, the counties, the tribes, and municipalities in ways that deals intentionally the foundation and the framework of bringing collaboration and coordination.”

~Regis Pecos, Santa Fe Indian School Leadership Institute Co-Director


We have come from over 20% uninsured rate to less than 13% in the state in 2015. We are looking at even lowering that number even more.”

“But working together in the spirit of cooperation, working together in the spirit of understanding that we’re not from one political affiliation or another; that we’re all New Mexicans; that we all have a boat to row in; that we all grab an oar and we all  both pull and make sure that boat goes in the right direction.”

~Keith Gardner


“With the price of oil dropping, I was visiting with a guy on the sidewalk last night and that’s where you get some really good information.”

“We’re here to do the people’s business. Lots of times what comes out is not exactly what you want and I think they call that compromise.”

~Don Tripp, Speaker of the House


“If we can produce clear and convincing evidence that someone is a danger to the community, judges should have the right to hold those folks until their trial occurs…This is again a bipartisan solution developed by your senate.”

“When you meet with senators and representatives I encourage you to do a couple of things:  One-Tell us specifically why you are here; Two-Give us the facts/figures/information and all the supporting information you have on this priority card; Three-Ask your legislators to vote for these issues and tell them what you don’t want them to vote for; and Four-Let them know how to contact you, basically put them on notice, if they did vote for this or did not vote for this , I want to know.”

~Michael Padilla, Senate Majority Whip

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