Acts as legal representative and advisor to the Board of County Commissioners, other Elected Officials, directors and individuals requiring legal advice, when no conflict exists. Represents the County in all legal matters; reviews and analyzes complex legal issues related to regulatory compliance, employment law, zoning, tax protests, and financial/taxation issues and recommends appropriate action; renders legal opinions and represents and/or coordinates with outside counsel to represent the County in administrative or civil proceedings and litigation; prepares/reviews contracts, ordinances, codes, resolutions, policies and other documents necessary to the operation of county government in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; confers with, advises and counsels the Board of County Commissioners, the County Manager, Elected Officials and Department Directors; and, directs, manages, supervises and coordinates Legal Department activities. Performs all duties necessary to lead the County Attorney’s Office. The County Attorney reports directly to the County Commission, but also works cooperatively and directly with the County Manager to support and accomplish the mission of Sandoval County Government.