The Oil Conservation Division Director directs and oversees the Division’s statewide statutory and regulatory responsibilities with respect to oil and gas production. The Division gathers oil and gas well production data, permits new oil, gas, and injection wells, enforces the Division’s rules, develops administrative orders to which operators are subject, enforces the State’s oil and gas statutes, ensures abandoned wells are properly plugged and that the land is responsibly restored once production activities are completed. The OCD’s goals are to promote balanced, consistent, fair, and transparent regulation of the oil and gas industry, to prevent the waste of oil and gas resources within the state, to protect the correlative rights of resource owners, to foster efficient development, and to protect human health and the environment. The Division Director supervises 87 full time equivalent employees, both technical and administrative, within the Division’s programs. Additionally, the Director serves as the Chair of the Oil Conservation Commission. The position reports to the Cabinet Secretary of Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources and is appointed by the Governor.