Our mission is to strengthen NM counties’ ability to govern their own affairs and improve the well-being and quality of life of their constituents.

NM Counties Background

New Mexico Counties incorporated as a 501(C)6 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in 1968. NMC serves as a statewide voice for all 33 New Mexico counties. County Members have access to trainings, technical assistance, and extensive Loss Prevention services. NMC also provides Workers’ Compensation, Multi-Line, and Law Enforcement coverage for its member Counties.

New Mexico Counties is governed by a board of directors composed of one county elected official from each of the 33 member counties plus ex-officio members which consists of the officers, Treasurer, Executive Director, New Mexico’s National Association of Counties (NACo) and Western Interstate Region (WIR) board members, the Chair or representative from each New Mexico County Insurance Authority Pool Board, and the Chair or other representative from each elected affiliate not currently represented on the Board.

NMC supports county networking and professional development through 20 Affiliates: Assessors, Clerks, Commissioners, Probate Judges, Sheriffs, Treasurers, 911 Directors, Attorneys, Cooperative Extension Service, Detention Administrators, DWI, Finance & Purchasing, Fire & Emergency Managers, GIS/RA, Health Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Managers, Public Works, and Risk Management.