NMC provides a number of resources that are helpful to elected officials and professional staff.

These include access and information to state and federal programs for funding, guidance, and professional development opportunities such as sample policies that can be adapted to accommodate each county specifically. To view these documents you will need Microsoft Word 2010 or greater. For more information or resources, please contact us by email.


Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards that apply to local jails and juvenile detention facilities.

PREA Youth Education Video

PREA Facility Toolkit

Section 1 – PREA Standards and Law

Section 2 – Sample Policies

Section 3 – Youth Education

Section 4 – Staff Training

Section 5 – Specialized Training

Section 6 – Audit Tool

(The above zip file contains MS Word documents.  To view them you will need Microsoft Word 2010 or greater.  Other formats are available.  Send your request to:

To learn more about PREA please visit the PREA Resource Center (PRC) website.