Grant County

Grant County is located in the southwestern corner of New Mexico.

The county seat is the Town of Silver City that sits atop a site that has been home to Native American Hispanic and Anglo settlers for hundreds of years, and these vibrant cultures fill an important part of the Town’s exciting present day.  In the 1870’s, the Town of Silver City was formed after the discovery of silver in and around the Town.

Silver City quickly became a boomtown, and its Wild West past includes the first arrest and (brief) incarceration of William Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid.  Although Bonney moved on, the Kid’s family lived in the area for many years, and his mother is buried in the Town’s Memory Lane Cemetery in Silver City.  

Silver City is a vibrant community in Grant County, nestled alongside more than 3 million acres of the Gila Wilderness. The Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument offers a glimpse of the homes and lives of the people of the Mogollon culture who lived in the Gila Wilderness from the 1280s through the early 1300s.With historic ties to mining, ranching and agriculture, our community has grown into a modern town with friendly people, growing businesses, and a terrific year-round climate.  Folks have been living and working in this part of the Southwest for more than 1,200 years. Its unique combination of climate, lifestyle, environment, and opportunity are drawing new visitors and residents from around the world! Today, Silver City is a bustling town with a diverse business community, a four-year university, and an award-winning historic downtown.  Grant County is proud of its reputation as an outstanding community and as a great place to work, live, or retire.