Socorro County

Socorro County was established by the Territorial Legislature of New Mexico in 1852 with the City of Socorro as the county seat.

At the time of the County’s founding, it stretched all the way from Texas to California. Subsequently, many counties have been carved out of Socorro County giving the County its current boundaries.

After the war with Mexico in the late 1840’s, the area of Socorro County became the territory of the United States. In 1854, Fort Craig was established at its current location to protect European settlers from native tribes. 1861 brought the Civil War to Socorro County, most significantly the Battle of Valverde, where Confederate forces were victorious over the Union army. After the Civil War, the region saw increased settlement and prosperity due to mining and ranching.

In addition to the founding of the New Mexico School of Mines in 1889, booming times came to an end in the 1920’s leaving Socorro County as a peaceful agricultural community. During World War II, the first atomic bomb was detonated at the Trinity site not far from San Antonio.

Ranching and farming is still the most vital part of the economy, but the County is also leading the way in the technological development with the help of world renown research facilities such as New Mexico Tech, the NRAO’s VLA, and Stallion Site on White Sands Missile Range to name a few.

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