Torrance County

Torrance County is one of the most productive agricultural counties in the United States.

The rural areas of Torrance County may be open and spacious, but its intensively used for agriculture. Persons moving into a rural area must recognize there are drawbacks, including conflicts with long–standing agricultural practices and a lower level of services than in town.

Torrance County was created from the eastern part of Valencia County on March 16, 1903. The County was named for Francis J. Torrance, one of the promoters connected with the building of the New Mexico Central Railroad.

When the Territorial Legislature fixed the boundary of Torrance County, Progresso was named the County Seat. The first County election was held in November 1904, a time when the official organization of Torrance County grew near, but one question remained. Where were the newly elected officials to meet? Progresso was the only railroad siding, but it had no building. The Santa Fe Central Railroad came to the rescue and sent a special train to Progresso on Sunday, January 1, 1905. On Monday, January 2, 1905, the newly elected officials took the oath of office in a passenger car that served as a courthouse. In February 1905, Estancia became the County Seat.

Today, Torrance County employs over 100 people who work to serve the citizens of the County. County services include law enforcement, fire protection, emergency medical services, 911 dispatch, road maintenance, property tax assessment, property tax collection, election and judicial services.

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