Self-Insurance Pooling

NMC administers three self-insurance pools that provide coverage for member counties.

NMC and New Mexico counties collaborated and founded the Workers’ Compensation Fund in 1987 and the Multi-Line Pool in 1989. The pools were formed to provide affordable coverage for counties when it was difficult and sometimes impossible for counties to obtain commercial insurance. The Law Enforcement Pool was formed in 1995 to provide liability coverage for sheriff departments and detention centers when State Risk Management decided to no longer provide coverage. For inquires about risk management, loss prevention, insurance coverage, or pool boards, please contact us by email.

NMCIA Board Meeting Notices & Agendas
NMCIA Board Meeting Books

08.19-20.20 NMCIA Board Meeting Book

  • Property and casualty, law enforcement, and workers’ compensation coverages
  • Consultation for non-covered areas (builders risk, medical malpractice, etc.)
  • Claims data analysis/summary and strategic analysis to assist with financial audits, IPRA requests
  • Periodic claims review
  • Contract analysis assistance
  • Risk management consultation
  • Legal consultation
  • Law enforcement loss trending assessments
  • Detention center operational assessments
  • Detention center special inmate management assessments
  • Detention center medical provider insurance coverage review
  • Safety inspections
  • Safety committee development
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) review
  • Critical incident and accident review

Inmate Searches in Detention