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“As NMAC has endured for 80 years serving counties, my mission is to continue to make our organization successful and grow in a way to better serve our members. Working with counties to find out what services can better assist them, will help make our organization even stronger moving forward for the next 80 years.” ~NMAC President Tyler Massey, Hidalgo County Treasurer
Welcome to the New Mexico Association of Counties

In 1936 New Mexico counties met to address their concerns and collaborate on initiatives. In 1968, the New Mexico Association of Counties (NMAC) was officially incorporated and has served as a statewide voice for all thirty-three counties in New Mexico ever since.

NMAC is a non-profit, nonpartisan professional association of county officials and employees working to advance the public’s vital interest in effective, efficient and responsive local government. We serve as a statewide voice for New Mexico’s counties, promoting the idea that all county elected officials and employees must have the opportunity to act together to solve problems and to work for shared progress and prosperity.





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