Below is an online directory of county employees. It is searchable by county or by position. NMC staff is included in the directory. Scroll down to submit new county employees, replacements, or to remove an employee that has left the county. For questions, contact the NMC Operations Assistant.

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Dawn Knuppel

Emergency Services Coordinator
Email Dawn Knuppel

San Juan Fire & Emergency Services

Dustin Middleton

Emergency Manager/Fire Marshal
Email Dustin Middleton

Cibola Fire & Emergency Services

Dusty Choate

Fire Chief/Emergency Manager
Email Dusty Choate

Catron Fire & Emergency Services

Eric Crespin

Assistant Fire Marshal
Email Eric Crespin

Doña Ana Fire & Emergency Services

Eric Masterson

Interim Emergency Management/Fire Chief
Email Eric Masterson

Sandoval Fire & Emergency Services

Gail Tripp

Emergency Manager
575-835-2029 x1200
Email Gail Tripp

Socorro Fire & Emergency Services

Hanna Sanchez

Deputy Fire Chief
Email Hanna Sanchez

Torrance Fire & Emergency Services

Jacob Black

Fire Chief - Operations
Email Jacob Black

Santa Fe Fire & Emergency Services

James Winham

Fire Chief
Email James Winham

Torrance Fire & Emergency Services

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